Seven Creative Ways to Use Lights Outdoors

by Simon Hutton

Lighting helps draw attention to architectural features while adding a festive touch during the holidays too. Outdoor lighting is a quick and easy way to add interest and life to a space.

There are so many creative ways to use outdoor lights, even if you don't have a yard. In fact, there is no shortage of interesting and innovative ideas for how to get the most out of your outside space.

The uses for outdoor lighting are numerous, making it difficult to know how you want to use them. Here are some creative ideas that show just how you can use lights outdoors in unique ways:

Add Lights to the Trees in Your Yard

String lights can be hung directly on the branches of trees to add a soft glow. In addition, you can use multiple strings of lights to create a more dramatic look. Adding lights to trees is one of the easiest ways to add a festive look, even when you don't have any outdoor decorations.

You can also hang bulbs on trees to give your space an enchanting look, especially during the festive seasons. Bulbs will draw attention to plants and flowers and provide a nice atmosphere, making your yard more beautiful than ever.

Light Up Your Mailbox

If you have trouble finding your mail in a busy post office or simply want to make it more visible, adding lights to the mailbox is a simple solution.

This also makes for a beautiful yard decoration as well. If you opt for this route, be sure that they are static lights and not flashing or strobing ones that could be distracting to others.

Add Lights to Your Steps and Walkways

Adding a string of lights around your stairs or along the walkways can make them visible at night. This is an excellent way to define your property lines while making it safer for family members to take nighttime strolls through the yard.

This is also a great way to add lights to areas without any outdoor space at all. For example, adding lights on steps or walkways does not require much additional space, and it can still make a big impact.

Wrap a String of Lights Around Your Porch Railing

To create a cozy feel, you can wrap a string of lights around your porch railing. This is another simple way to illuminate an outdoor space, no matter how large or small it is.

You can choose LED lights for this purpose since they are safer and more long-lasting than other types of lighting. In addition, you can easily replace them when they burn out without having to rewire the entire thing.

Cover Windows with Lights

Another quick and easy way to add festive lighting is by covering your windows in lights. Of course, you can use this method indoors as well, but it looks especially gorgeous outdoors.

A cluster of warm white lights on the outside of a window will help illuminate an outdoor space like no other solution out there. The soft glow will make any backyard feel inviting year-round, without needing many other decorations.

Try Lighting the Fountain or Water Feature

Outdoor fountains are one of the most pleasant additions to any outdoor space, but they can be enhanced when you add LED lights to them. 

This will draw more attention to your water features while also giving it a festive touch during the holiday season. This also helps set the mood at an outdoor party, adding a warm glow that is perfect for celebrations.

Light Up Parties

Lighting up parties is one of the most popular ways to use outdoor lights. You can wrap a string of lights around trees or place them in pots that are spaced throughout your yard for an elaborate lighting display. Additionally, you can add lighting to the deck or patio, making it easier to see at night. This can be useful when you have a large group outside parties, and you want everyone to feel safe. Also, having enough light around your property will help prevent accidents.

Be Creative with Your Lights

There's so much more to lighting your home than just giving it a warm, welcoming glow inside. You can also create impressive and dazzling displays that will impress guests and neighbors alike.

These outdoor decorations are easy to do, and people can enjoy them for many years. You don't need to break the bank when you want to add some light displays to your yard and home exterior; creativity is all you need!