Five Factors to Consider When Buying LED Outdoor Lights 

by Simon Hutton

LED outdoor lights are becoming more and more popular with people who have outdoor lighting for their homes. This is because many people want something that will be efficient, long-lasting, and easy to install.

They offer all this and a whole lot more, so it's really no wonder why they are selling so well\. However, people do need to know what they are buying before they can actually make a purchase. Choosing which one is right for you can be difficult if you don't know what to look for when shopping around.

Here are some factors you should consider before you make your purchase.

Consider the size of your space and how much light you need

If the area you need to light up is large, you will need a fixture to handle this. This means that you should choose something with high lumens or brightness ratings depending on how much light you need.

However, if your outdoor space is smaller than average, you don't have to worry about this because, generally speaking, low-wattage bulbs and fixtures will be sufficient for smaller areas.

Decide on a color temperature

There are three main color temperatures that outdoor lights come in; warm, cool, and neutral. Warm is the most popular of the three because it gives a cozy yellow glow to areas like decks and patios.

On the other hand, cool gives off more of a blue hue and is good for lighting up walkways but can look odd in a place that's mainly filled with warm light. Finally, neutral gives off a white glow and should be used if you want to create an overall even tone throughout your home or business.

This is important because different areas need different types of lighting, so if you don't choose the right one, it might not look as good when it comes to illuminating certain parts of your property.

Consider the place where you will be installing it and if there's a need for waterproofing

If you are planning to install it outside, make sure that it is weather resistant and can handle rain, snow, and other types of inclement weather. However, some lights are actually made just for indoor use, so they won't really need to be waterproofed.

You'll need to make sure that any fixtures you buy are actually waterproof because if they don't work when it rains or snows, they aren't going to do anybody much good.

Determine whether you want lights that are motion-activated or not

Motion-activated lights are great because they only turn on when something is moving in their range. This means that they can cut down on your energy bill while also conserving energy and still provide the same level of light for you.

This is good because if somebody walks into the area, you will know about it instantly, but if there's no movement, they won't be wasting energy by keeping it on all the time.

You can either choose a light that flashes or just a solid glow depending on whether you want to catch attention or not. For example, motion-activated lights are often used for lighting driveways and pathways because it lets people know where to go when they come up your driveway. They are also perfect for lighting up outdoor seating areas and decks, which is why they are so popular.

Figure out how many watts you need to power your lights 

If you want a fixture that's rated for lower wattage bulbs, then it means that it isn't going to be very bright. To get the brightest glow possible, you need to go with something that can accommodate higher wattage bulbs like LED lights.

Although this will increase your energy usage and cost per month, it also allows you to get a brighter glow than you would have gotten without upgrading to LED lights.

However, if you are planning to add LED lights to your existing fixtures, be careful that they will fit because not all of them can accept LED bulbs, which means that you might need to upgrade the entire fixture instead.

Final Thoughts

If you're looking for the best outdoor LED lighting, consider these four factors when making your purchase. The lights will not only be more energy-efficient and last longer than incandescent or fluorescent bulbs, but they also offer a range of color temperatures that can create different moods in your yard.

Whether it's an elegant dinner party with friends or just sitting on the porch catching up with neighbors, there is an LED light bulb to match any occasion. So keep these things in mind before purchasing new outdoor lights, and let us know if we can help! We have plenty of options available at our store, so come check out what we've got today!